About Sofie Børsting

“It is often in the slow meditative painting proces that the unexpected happens
and an idea, or a dream takes form on the canvas “

Danish visual artist Sofie Børsting is based in Raadvad close to Copenhagen and educated from the Royal Danish Academy/ Design Design in 2003. 

Her work spans, from mixed media collage works to painting in various mediums. Her artwork is created in a kind of a quiet meditative dance between inner visions and the slow process of building multiple layers and overlays. Often the work is created over a longer time period, in many cases, several years. Sofie is searching for that special essence of stillness, and the presence of the meeting between colour, light, materials and structures that tell timeless stories.

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Raadvad 40 K, 2800
Kongens Lyngby

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Sofie Børsting | Raadvad 40, 2800 | Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark | Telephone: +45 61 79 72 04 | E-mail: mail@sofieboersting.com